Database Pertaining to an India-based Retail Website ‘’ Leaked

Attack Description :

Data breaches can have severe consequences for both the affected company and its customers. It’s essential for individuals to be aware of the situation and take appropriate precautions to protect their personal information.

Based on the information provided,

  1. Nature of the Breach: The breach appears to be a significant one, with a large database of 31 GB in size containing a million records. This is likely to include sensitive customer information, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and possibly even payment details or other personal data.
  2. Threat Actor: The threat actor, Gunther Magnuson, is associated with the leak and is believed to be the individual or group responsible for stealing and disseminating the data.
  3. Affected Company: is an India-based ecommerce website operated by AM Webshop India Pvt Ltd. The breach directly affects this company and its customers.
  4. Data Exposure: The leaked database may contain various data fields, which could include customer account details, order information, billing and shipping addresses, and possibly more. The extent of the exposed data will determine the level of risk to affected individuals.

Some steps that both and its customers should take:

  1. Company Response: should act swiftly and responsibly to investigate and mitigate the breach. This includes securing their systems, identifying the vulnerability that led to the breach, and taking steps to prevent future incidents.
  2. Customer Notification: should promptly inform its customers about the data breach and the specific information that might have been exposed. Providing clear and transparent communication is crucial for customers to take appropriate action to protect themselves.
  3. Password Reset: As a precautionary measure, should enforce a mandatory password reset for all user accounts to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Monitor Financial Accounts: Customers who have used payment information on should closely monitor their financial accounts for any suspicious transactions and report any unauthorized activity to their respective financial institutions.
  5. Beware of Phishing Attempts: Customers should be cautious of potential phishing attempts that may arise as a result of the breach. Scammers may use this opportunity to send fraudulent emails or messages to exploit the situation.
  6. Credit Monitoring: In severe cases where financial data has been compromised, individuals might consider enrolling in credit monitoring services to receive alerts about any new accounts opened in their name.
  7. Report to Authorities: should report the breach to relevant authorities and work with cybersecurity experts to assist in the investigation.

Take Away: Data breaches can be highly damaging, and it’s essential for companies to prioritize data security and customer privacy. For customers, staying vigilant and taking appropriate measures to protect their personal information is crucial in the face of such incidents.

Disclaimer : The information provided herein is on “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind.