3 Security Breach Alert: Database Allegedly Stolen from Leaked on BreachForums

Attack Description :

In a significant security breach, a threat actor known as Ddarknotevil has reportedly leaked a database allegedly stolen from, an India-based platform connecting cricket enthusiasts and fans worldwide. Operated by Selectronic Equipment And Services, has become a hub for cricket enthusiasts. The leaked SQL database, claimed to have been stolen in 2023, contains three million lines of records, including approximately 200,000 user entries.

Details of the Breach:

Ddarknotevil posted on the nuovo BreachForums, revealing the alleged theft and subsequent leak of a SQL database from The platform, designed for connecting cricket enthusiasts globally, is operated by Selectronic Equipment And Services. The compromised database, according to the threat actor, consists of three million lines of records, with user entries numbering around 200,000.

Targeted Platform: serves as an India-based online platform dedicated to connecting cricket enthusiasts and fans worldwide. The alleged compromise of its SQL database raises concerns about the potential exposure of sensitive user information and the impact on the platform’s integrity.

Contents of the Database:

The stolen SQL database reportedly contains a substantial amount of user-related information, with three million lines of records encompassing approximately 200,000 user entries. The nature of the compromised data could include user profiles, preferences, and potentially sensitive information, posing privacy and security risks for the affected users.

Leak on nuovo BreachForums:

Ddarknotevil chose the nuovo BreachForums as the platform to leak the allegedly stolen database from BreachForums are notorious online spaces where threat actors often trade or leak compromised data. The exposure of such information on these forums raises concerns about the potential misuse of the data and its accessibility to other malicious actors.

Implications for Users and

The breach poses significant implications for both the users of and the platform itself. Users may face risks related to the exposure of their personal information, while the platform could experience reputational damage and trust issues among its user base. Immediate action is necessary to mitigate these risks and address the aftermath of the security breach.

Security Response: and Selectronic Equipment And Services must initiate an immediate and comprehensive security response to address the breach. This includes securing and fortifying their digital infrastructure, investigating the extent of the compromise, notifying affected users, and collaborating with cybersecurity experts to mitigate the risks associated with the leaked database.

Take Away-

The alleged theft and leak of a database from underscore the persistent threats faced by online platforms and their user bases. As cyber threats continue to evolve, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, proactive defense strategies, and user privacy protection cannot be overstated. This incident serves as a reminder for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity and swiftly respond to security breaches to safeguard user information and maintain trust in their digital platforms.

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