Unauthorized Access Available for Purchase – Indian Law Firm Faces Data Breach

Attack Description :

A recent security breach has come to light involving a threat actor going by the name “spartanking” on the XSS Forum, attempting to sell unauthorized access to an Indian Law Firm. This law firm, with an impressive revenue of USD 30 million, has fallen victim to the breach. The threat actor claims to have compromised access, including local administrative privileges, to a standalone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) server hosted on Microsoft Azure, and is offering it for sale at a shockingly low price of USD 100.

Details of the Compromise:

The unauthorized access involves a significant breach into the law firm’s infrastructure, specifically targeting a standalone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) server. This server, hosted on Microsoft Azure, contains critical data crucial to the firm’s daily operations. The threat actor, operating under the name spartanking, asserts that the compromised access includes local administrative privileges, intensifying the risk and potential impact of the breach.

Sale on XSS Forum:

The unauthorized access is being advertised for sale on the notorious XSS Forum, a platform known for its illicit trade in cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The affordability of such sensitive information raises concerns about the accessibility of cyber threats and the possible motivations of threat actors operating on underground forums.


The compromise of sensitive data from an Indian Law Firm carries significant risks, both legally and operationally. With local administrative privileges on an ERP server, the threat actor could potentially gain unrestricted access to vital client data, case records, and confidential information. The consequences extend beyond financial loss to potential damage to the law firm’s reputation, client trust, and compliance with data protection regulations.

Security Response:

In response to this security breach, the Indian Law Firm must implement immediate and thorough incident response measures. These measures should include securing and isolating the compromised server, conducting a comprehensive forensic analysis, and notifying relevant authorities. Furthermore, transparent communication with clients about the breach is crucial for maintaining trust and compliance with legal obligations.

Take Away-

The sale of unauthorized access on the XSS Forum targeting an Indian Law Firm underscores the pervasive and evolving nature of cyber threats. As organizations increasingly rely on digital infrastructure, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. This incident serves as a stark reminder for legal entities to strengthen their defenses, remain vigilant against emerging threats, and collaborate with cybersecurity experts to protect sensitive client data and uphold the integrity of their operations.


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