Threat Actor Seeks Assistance in Unauthorized Bank Withdrawal Scheme

Attack Description :

A significant cybersecurity threat has emerged as Threat Actor ADRASTEA, through their Telegram channel, publicly solicits assistance in conducting unauthorized financial transactions from a HDFC Bank account. The threat actor claims to possess unauthorized access to the personal computer of the owner and proprietor of the India-based partnership firm, Shri Shyam Plywoods, with intentions to execute a substantial withdrawal from their HDFC net banking service.

Details of the Threat:

ADRASTEA has posted a message on their Telegram channel openly seeking an individual skilled in orchestrating large-scale financial withdrawals via the HDFC net banking service. The threat actor asserts that they have gained unauthorized access to the personal computer or machine belonging to the owner of Shri Shyam Plywoods, a partnership firm based in India.

Unauthorized Access and Scheme:

The alarming request from ADRASTEA indicates a potential breach of security, with the threat actor claiming to have unauthorized access to the personal computer of the owner of Shri Shyam Plywoods. The focus of the threat actor’s scheme is to exploit this access for significant financial gain, targeting the HDFC Bank account linked to the compromised machine.


The potential unauthorized withdrawal scheme poses severe risks, not only to the targeted individual and their business but also to the overall integrity of banking systems. If successful, such illicit activities could lead to financial loss, legal consequences, and significant reputational damage for both the affected individual and the financial institution.

Security Response:

In response to this cybersecurity threat, HDFC Bank and the affected individual, owner of Shri Shyam Plywoods, must take immediate and decisive action. This includes securing and isolating the compromised machine, conducting a forensic analysis to determine the extent of the breach, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies to investigate the unauthorized access.

Public Awareness and Reporting:

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious online activities or cybersecurity threats to the appropriate authorities. Public awareness plays a crucial role in mitigating the impact of such threats and aiding cybersecurity experts in their efforts to protect digital ecosystems.

Take Away-

The open solicitation by ADRASTEA for assistance in conducting unauthorized financial transactions poses a significant threat to the affected individual and the broader financial system. It underscores the persistent need for robust cybersecurity measures, public awareness, and collaboration to prevent and address cyber threats effectively. Immediate action is imperative to thwart the threat actor’s scheme and safeguard the integrity of digital financial transactions.


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