DESORDEN Claims Series of Attacks on ‘Ranhill Utilities Berhad’; Threatens to Leak the Data

Attack Description :

Series of attacks by TA DESORDEN on Ranhill Utilities Berhad, a Malaysia-based conglomerate, is deeply concerning. The threat actor’s claim of maintaining persistent access to the systems for an extended period and exfiltrating a substantial amount of data raises serious cybersecurity and data privacy issues.

  1. Sophisticated Attack: The fact that the threat actor claimed to have maintained access to the systems since November 2021 suggests a highly sophisticated and persistent attack on Ranhill Utilities Berhad’s infrastructure.
  2. Large Data Exfiltration: The exfiltration of over 100 GB of data, including confidential documents and customer details with personally identifiable information (PII), poses significant risks to both the organization and its customers.
  3. Confidential Document Exposure: The theft of confidential documents can have severe consequences for Ranhill Utilities Berhad, such as compromising trade secrets, strategic plans, and sensitive business information.
  4. Customer PII Exposure: The exposure of customer PII can lead to identity theft, fraud, and other privacy-related risks for the affected individuals.


Preventions & Response :

  1. Incident Response: Ranhill Utilities Berhad must initiate a thorough incident response process to assess the extent of the breach, contain the incident, and mitigate potential damage.
  2. Data Breach Notification: If the breach is confirmed, Ranhill Utilities Berhad should notify the affected customers and individuals about the data breach, the type of information exposed, and the potential risks they might face.
  3. Law Enforcement Involvement: The breach should be reported to law enforcement agencies in Malaysia to facilitate investigations and potential prosecution of the threat actor.
  4. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: The company should conduct a comprehensive security assessment to identify and address vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and implement stronger cybersecurity measures to prevent future incidents.
  5. Data Privacy Compliance: Ranhill Utilities Berhad should ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations in Malaysia and take measures to protect customer data.
  6. Public Relations Response: Transparent and clear communication with stakeholders, including customers, investors, and partners, is essential to manage the fallout from the breach and maintain public trust.
  7. Legal Considerations: The company should consult with legal experts to understand their legal obligations, potential liabilities, and actions they can take against the threat actor.
  8. Monitoring for Data Leaks: Ranhill Utilities Berhad should monitor for any potential data leaks or exposure of stolen information on public forums or the dark web.


Take Away: Data breaches of this magnitude require a comprehensive and coordinated response from the affected organization. Preventive measures, robust incident response planning, and proactive cybersecurity practices are essential to protect against such attacks in the future.

Disclaimer : The information provided herein is on “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind.