Microsoft claims it’s a power outage. Exactly when Anonymous Sudan launched their #DDoS attack. Interesting Coincidence or Planned Attack

Author: Anonymous

Motive:  Cyber-war against US

The web version of the Microsoft Azure Portal is currently experiencing an outage, as indicated by an error message displayed on the portal’s website ( The message states, “Our services aren’t available right now. We’re working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon.”

Simultaneously, a threat actor identifying as Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for launching a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the Microsoft Azure portal. They have shared an image depicting the portal’s non-functional state.

According to Anonymous Sudan, their motivation for the attack stems from their position as hacktivists aiming to protest the involvement of the United States in Sudanese internal affairs. However, the true origins of the threat actor remain unverified.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has faced multiple challenges this week, as the threat actor behind the DDoS attack also targeted other Microsoft web portals, including and OneDrive. Consequently, these services also experienced disruptions during the same period.

Although Microsoft has not officially confirmed that the outages were a direct result of DDoS attacks, the incidents have coincided with the activities claimed by Anonymous Sudan. The company is likely investigating the matter and working towards restoring full functionality to its affected services.

Anonymous Sudan sent a message through TG-

Quick message to Microsoft users :

Think about it, if a company as big as Microsoft cannot defend itself from a small Sudanese group with very slow internet speeds, how can you ever trust such a company?

A company that is easily humiliated by us anytime we wish and we embarrassed them as the entire world is watching, forced them to release 10s of tweets of fake excuses and lying to customers

They are so helpless and clueless, we are easily playing with their services and choosing when to allow them free and when to shut them off, all while their cyber-security engineers are scratching their heads.

Move to a more reliable company that can actually defend it’s users and tell all your friends to leave this shit company that can’t pay just 1 million to solve their poor customer issues… Greedy billionaire company that was completely humiliated and embarrassed.

Take away :  It was a cyber attack on United States- Anonymous Sudan

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