Hacktivist Group ‘NoName057(16)’ Strikes Canadian Government Entities

Attack Description :

In a notable cyber incident, the hacktivist group known as ‘NoName057(16)‘ has targeted key Canadian government entities, specifically the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. The attacks, reportedly carried out using the group’s proprietary toolkit named ‘DDosia Project,’ have been accompanied by claims of compromise, further supported by check-host reports indicating website disruption on November 22 at 1122 Hrs.

Details of the Attack:

NoName057(16), a hacktivist collective, has directed its cyber operations toward critical government entities in Canada. The Treasury Board Secretariat, responsible for financial management and oversight, and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, tasked with ensuring air travel security, have both fallen victim to the group’s cyber activities.

Utilization of ‘DDosia Project’ Toolkit:

The attacks on the Canadian government entities were allegedly executed using NoName057(16)’s internally developed toolkit known as the ‘DDosia Project.’ This toolkit, tailored for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, enables the group to disrupt online services and potentially compromise the targeted entities’ digital infrastructure.

Evidence of Disruption:

The claims of compromise made by NoName057(16) are supported by check-host reports indicating a disruption of website traffic on November 22 at 1122 Hrs. The specific details of the disruptions and the impact on the targeted government entities are yet to be fully assessed, but the use of DDoS attacks suggests a concerted effort to disrupt online services.


The targeting of the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority raises significant concerns about the potential impact on government operations. The compromise of digital infrastructure, particularly in agencies handling financial oversight and national security, could lead to operational disruptions and the potential exposure of sensitive information.

Response and Mitigation:

In response to the cyber attacks, the targeted government entities must initiate immediate and comprehensive incident response measures. This includes securing and fortifying their digital infrastructure, investigating the extent of the compromise, and collaborating with cybersecurity experts to mitigate the risks. Transparent communication with stakeholders and the public is essential for managing the aftermath and rebuilding trust.

Take Away-

The cyber attacks orchestrated by the hacktivist group NoName057(16) against Canadian government entities highlight the persistent and evolving nature of cyber threats faced by nations. As hacktivism becomes an increasingly prevalent form of cyber protest, governments and organizations must continuously bolster their cybersecurity defenses, stay vigilant against emerging threats, and actively collaborate to safeguard critical digital infrastructure. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in an era of escalating cyber risks.

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