Microsoft’s was down again on mobile, web : Anonymous Sudan took responsibilities.

Author: Anonymous 

Motive:  Cyber-war against US

Once again, Outlook experienced an outage, leaving users exasperated as they encountered a bothersome 503 error message while attempting to access their accounts. Prior to this incident, a previous outage had already affected a significant number of Outlook users worldwide, hampering their ability to send emails and efficiently manage their calendars.

Although Microsoft had provided reassurances that they were actively working to resolve the issue, the service suffered another interruption, compounding the frustration for users.

Anonymous Sudan :  Microsoft, since you lied and said you fixed the issue by yourselves and said it’s a technical issue, you brought disaster upon yourself. We will teach you the lesson of honesty today.

Don’t dare to lie again, we can choose to shut down your services whenever we want, so stay silent and humble yourselves.

Outlook and related Microsoft Services have been downed once again.

Upon attempting to visit the website, users were met with an unwelcome “HTTP Error 503: The service is unavailable” message, suggesting either a temporary unavailability or server overload. Our own tests corroborated these findings, as we encountered similar 503 errors and experienced performance issues while trying to access emails or upload attachments.

Given the circumstances, it is reasonable to assume that Microsoft’s technical team is actively engaged in finding a solution to this predicament. We will diligently keep track of any updates and provide further details as they become available.

Update 1: Good news—Microsoft has successfully resolved the 503 error, and is now accessible again. However, users are still grappling with an inability to send or open emails, as evidenced in the accompanying screenshot. Rest assured, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide timely updates.

Anonymous Sudan : Microsoft, today we played football with your services. Let’s play a fun game. The fate of your services, which is used by hundreds of millions of people everyday, is under our dominion and choice. You have failed to repel the attack which has continued for hours, so how about you pay us 1,000,000 USD and we teach your cyber-security experts how to repel the attack and we stop the attack from our end? 1 million USD is peanuts for a company like you!

Take away :  It was a cyber attack on United States.

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