Russian Cybercriminal Claims Unauthorized Access to Bayer AG for Sale

Attack Description :

In a concerning development on the Russian cybercrime forum XSS, a threat actor going by the moniker “TA clever” has made a startling announcement. The individual claims to have gained unauthorized Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to Bayer AG(, a prominent Germany-based multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology company. The alleged compromise includes access to a machine that reportedly runs an antivirus software developed by Sophos Group plc. However, as of now, the newly joined TA has not provided any concrete proof of the purported breach.

The claim has raised significant concerns within the cybersecurity community, given Bayer AG’s stature as a major player in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s extensive research and development of life-saving drugs and medical solutions underscore the critical importance of safeguarding its sensitive data and intellectual property.

Bayer AG, upon learning of the claim, has launched a swift and comprehensive investigation into the alleged security breach. The company’s cybersecurity experts are working diligently to verify the authenticity of the TA clever’s claims and to identify any potential vulnerabilities in their systems.

Sophos Group plc, the developer of the antivirus software mentioned in the claim, has also been alerted to the situation. They are closely cooperating with Bayer AG to ensure the security and integrity of their software and to analyze any possible impact on the compromised machine.

As is customary in such cases, law enforcement agencies have been notified of the potential breach, and they are actively involved in the investigation. Collaborative efforts between Bayer AG, Sophos Group plc, and the authorities will be crucial in uncovering the truth behind the alleged unauthorized access and ensuring the appropriate actions are taken to mitigate any risks.

In light of the claim and the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Bayer AG has reiterated its commitment to data security and privacy. The company is taking proactive measures to bolster its existing cybersecurity infrastructure and enhance employee awareness about potential cyber threats.

While the claim made by TA clever remains unverified at this time, it serves as a stark reminder to all organizations, regardless of their industry, to remain vigilant against cyber threats. Regular security audits, employee training, and prompt response to any suspicious activity are essential to fortifying defenses against potential attacks.

As this situation unfolds, Bayer AG will continue to prioritize the protection of its data, intellectual property, and customer information. The company encourages its partners, employees, and customers to report any unusual activities promptly to their IT departments and to stay informed through official updates from the company and credible news sources.

Take Away: In the face of the ever-evolving threat landscape, a collective effort from both the public and private sectors is vital to safeguarding critical data and maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders.

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