Chinese Hackers Pose ‘Cyber Siege’ Threat to US Navy and Partners

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Source : Internet & Darknet

Motive: They wanted to steal national-security secrets.

The US Navy and its affiliated organizations are currently facing a significant cybersecurity challenge as they come under relentless attacks from Chinese hackers. According to Microsoft, a hacking group known as the Volt Typhoon has successfully breached numerous government, manufacturing, communications, and IT entities in Guam and the United States, particularly in the critical military outpost located in the western Pacific Ocean.

While the specific targets of these cyber intrusions have not been fully disclosed, Secretary of the US Navy, Carlos Del Toro, confirmed that the Navy has been affected by these breaches. This revelation highlights the severity of the situation and raises concerns about the extent of the infiltrations.

According to a US defense official who spoke to The Journal, China is strategically targeting the US “weak underbelly” by employing cybersecurity breaches as a means to engage with the United States in an asymmetric manner without resorting to direct military confrontation.

One notable incident in recent years involved Chinese government hackers stealing sensitive data related to US Navy undersea-warfare programs from an unidentified contractor. The stolen information reportedly included plans for a new supersonic anti-ship missile, as reported by The Washington Post in June, citing US officials.

The review of cybersecurity breaches indicates that these incidents have been alarmingly frequent. Although China is identified as the primary threat, hackers from Russia and Iran have also contributed to the troubles faced by the US Navy and its partners.

Furthermore, the director of the cybersecurity department at the National Security Agency (NSA) revealed to CNN that Chinese hackers may still have access to the most sensitive US networks they have already targeted. The boldness and magnitude of these intrusions have caught the attention of experts, highlighting their audacity in terms of scope and scale.

The NSA declined to comment specifically on the matter, instead referring to a joint release issued by the NSA and other US-based agencies regarding the Chinese hacking network.

Microsoft, after conducting its own analysis, expressed “moderate confidence” in its assessment that the breaches were intended to disrupt communications in the event of a future crisis. This suggests that the Chinese hackers are not only focused on acquiring sensitive information but also on undermining critical infrastructure.

The ongoing cyber siege faced by the US Navy and its partners underscores the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures to counteract the persistent threats posed by state-sponsored hacking groups. It is essential for organizations to remain vigilant, continuously update their security protocols, and collaborate with intelligence agencies to ensure the protection of sensitive information and the resilience of critical systems.

Take away :  This is a part of a long going cyber war among the US, its allies and china. The primary purpose to steal intelligence for future planning.

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