Religiously Motivated Hackers from Anonymous Sudan Target Multiple Countries

Source : Anonymous, Internet & Darknet

Motive of Anonymous Sudan

To protect Muslims and Muslims religious interest anywhere on planet earth. Anonymous Sudan is a group of religiously motivated hackers from different countries but pretend to be from Sudan who have been conducting denial-of-service attacks against several Israeli, Swedish , Danish, and number of other countries.

Anonymous Sudan, a group of hackers claiming religious motivations and hailing from various countries but pretending to be based in Sudan, has been actively engaged in conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against several nations, including Israel, Sweden, Denmark, and others.

This Muslim religious hacktivist group, known as Anonymous Sudan, has taken responsibility for various cyberattacks, such as the DDoS attacks that resulted in the temporary takedown of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal website and the hijacking of his Facebook account.

Originally emerging in Sudan as a response to the country’s ongoing political and economic challenges, Anonymous Sudan combines religious and political motivations. They employ digital activism tactics, including hacking and DDoS attacks on governments, to raise awareness about censorship and restrictions on free speech. Additionally, they have been involved in campaigns aiming to address perceived democratic shortcomings and represent the interests of the people against the current Sudanese government. It is worth noting that the original Anonymous Sudan was also involved in anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine operations as a member of OpSudan hacktivism, working alongside Ghostsec.

While Anonymous is a decentralized and anti-political cyber hacktivist movement, it’s important to understand that anyone can claim to work under the Anonymous banner. Not all groups align with the mainstream and western-based Anonymous groups. For instance, Anonymous Russia supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and targets individuals and organizations that support Ukraine. Similarly, KillNet Affiliated Anonymous Sudan, a group seemingly driven by religious and political motivations and based in Sudan but operating outside the mainstream, has been conducting DDoS attacks against critical infrastructure of various countries and organizations.

Among their recent targets, Anonymous Sudan launched an attack on the website of Scandinavian airline SAS and also targeted Tinder, disrupting their services for several hours.

These activities demonstrate the ongoing efforts of Anonymous Sudan to utilize cyber tactics to advance their religious and political agenda, targeting countries and organizations they perceive as obstacles or adversaries. The increasing prevalence of such attacks underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure and mitigate the risks posed by hacktivist groups.

Take away : Anonymous Sudan Declares Cyber War Against Billionaire Tech Titan Elon Musk. We will keep posted about this group. We have intel that next target would be Tesla company.

References: Internet, Darknet, Telegram 

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