‘VulzSec Team’ a Pro-Indonesia Hacktivist Group Targets Indian Government Websites

Attack description :

Indian government websites have recently become the target of a pro-Indonesia hacktivist group’s cyber attacks. This group is actively engaged in hacking activities with the purpose of infiltrating and disrupting various Indian government websites.

The objective of these attacks is to compromise the security and functionality of the targeted websites, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data breaches, or service disruptions. The pro-Indonesia hacktivist group employs a range of techniques and exploits to exploit vulnerabilities within the targeted websites, aiming to make a statement or advance their own agenda.

Recognizing the severity of these attacks, the Indian government is taking proactive measures to enhance the security of its websites and mitigate the risks posed by such cyber threats. Collaborative efforts between cybersecurity agencies, IT professionals, and law enforcement authorities are being employed to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for these attacks.

Maintaining a state of vigilance and implementing robust cybersecurity practices are of utmost importance for government entities and organizations. By remaining proactive and adhering to best practices, the potential risks associated with these targeted cyber attacks can be minimized, ensuring the protection and availability of government websites and online services.

 Impacts : Pro-Indonesia group ‘VulzSec Team’ group either claimed to steal or leaked data targeting Nashik Municipal Corporation, Digital Repository of the Department of School Education & Literacy, Jharkhand Space Applications and many more

 Take away: Always use honey-pot system to confuse attackers. They claimed themselves as hacktivist but intel suggest that they are Chinese hackers.

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